Friday, February 04, 2011

Long Week

I can't say why it was so long, but it just seemed to last longer than normal. Weeks, months and years seem to be whizzing by me so quickly. Sometimes I'm afraid to blink!  This week?  Pretty slow.

Point and case, these daffodils were photographed at least two weeks ago. Where did that time go? Boggles the mind.

Sure am happy Phil saw his shadow. Early spring?!!!!


Pearl said...

Hope Phil know his business...Can't wait for spring.
Take good care.

Jeanie said...

Does the long week have anything to do with the Cleanse?! Those daffs are lovely -- I think I need to pick up a bulb garden to get me through the next few weeks (OK, more than a few) till spring is actually here!

the fan said...

Hi there Rosemary: My son was in Chattanooga yesterday and he phoned to ask how I was...I said "I'd be a whole lot better if I was there to rendezvous with YOU over that (martini) lunch we just couldn't arrange on my last trip South!" heh.
Hugs from your friend in Saskatchewan, the 'frozen North!'.
xoxo Marygrace



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