Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Boo boo central. (don't look below if you're squeamish)

Yep, that be my knee.  {small rant ON}  And it's all because of Walmart.  I despise Walmart.  I avoid Walmart like the plague.  Of course, I have been in them.  Several times, in fact.  But between yesterday and today, I've hit four in total. {small rant OFF} Hmmmmm.  Why does my blood look so pink?  Wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  Will have to Google it.

Ok, the reason why we had to hit so many Walmart's is this thing.  A dehumidifier.  I scanned Consumer Reports to see which was best for our "problem."  I may, or may not, have mentioned it; but we had a leak back in May from a water filter in the infamous kitchen.  We were lucky enough to catch it early on, but we still  lost about 8 square feet of ceiling/dry wall in mom's kitchen below.  Long story short, I think we may have some mold.  I began wondering if this could be the cause of my recent horrific allergies.  Consumer Reports rated this model high.  Problem was, it is only sold at Walmarts'.  And only some Walmart's.  The above wound came from parking lot No. 3 @Walmart.  Evil grin.

Some good did come from it.  We found a wonderful bbq joint.  Not really a joint, per se, it was really very nice. 

They have places in both Tennessee and Alabama.  So, aren't we lucky?

 The hub's platter!

 And then my, sniffle, smoked turkey samwhich.  But, it was wonderful in all honesty.

Then home to some wonderful afternoon thunder storms (which I will miss if we move).  I played around a little in the kitchen. 

I'm thinking the air is already a tiny bit better.  Fingers' crossed.


Linda said...

That knee looks painful-lucky something wasn't broken. I love afternoon thunderstorms too although we don't get many of them.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Poor you... that food looks scrummy.



Pretty Things said...

Owie! Surface cuts are the WORST for pain!

(But you have a pretty orchid!)

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I can't stand going to WalMart and only go if absolutely necessary.
You poor thing!

Now wait, are you REALLY planning to move elsewhere? West Coast maybe? ;);)

Beth said...

Well when you live in a small town like I do,,you have to make do with Wallys,,don't like it much either. But now I know what Wallys you were at. Not far from where I work. W. Nash? Sorry bout the knee,,hope its better. To bad Capt isn't around,,he knows about them leg injuries,,,
Hug for my Dawhlink friend and to her Dawhlink Teen!

Jeanie said...

My sympathies on your knee -- having experienced a similar looking knee in NC, I can relate to how it hurts -- don't get on your hands and knees for a bit -- not that it'll let you!



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