Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Family and Fun Up North

It was a beautiful weekend in Jersey City and it was hard to leave everyone. But I had to come back home to my Bella, now didn't I? I found this awning in Hoboken.

This is City Hall. There are so many wonderful buildings in Hoboken. Times sure have changed. When the hub first brought me here in the mid 80s, it wasn't as happy as it is now. Sure wish we still had the condo! Whew!

And what do I do whenever I'm in the NYC area? Go to my favorite bakery, Carlo's. Now you know, all of a sudden, since Cake Boss, the place has become a tourist trap. And so, we had to WAIT IN LINE to get into the shop. Oy! They even have a door man that gives you a number at the door. Well, I suppose that's the smart thing to do.

And since I've been there a million times before, I went right to the cookie counter and grabbed three tins of Italian cookies, some lobster claws (sfogliatella) and, of course, rainbow cookies for the kid.

After drooling over everything, including all the canolis, we were boom, done, outta there!

Afterward, we walked up Washington several blocks to our favorite pizza spot. Now, this is real NY pizza baby. YUM.

And yes, we opened the rainbow cookie box.

After leaving Hoboken and heading to the hub's brother's house, we got stuck in traffic from the Holland Tunnel and then the George Washington Bridge--I'm sure all due to the Time's Square bomb. How thankful we are that it didn't go off and no one was hurt. Oy.

Here's my little nephew Daniel. What a cutie. I fell in love immediately, of course!

More food! The hub's sister had a family gathering at another brother's house celebrating my nephew's second birthday. Big D was born in Korea and we celebrated with Korean food. YUM, again!

This is about the time that I heard that Nashville was flooding. And I mean REALLY flooding. I called home and found out that our house and neighborhood was good, but so many others have not been so lucky. Beth has some photos of the flooding around town. It is so sad.

Sunday was a beautiful day and my nephew was Christened in the church. Look at his little sear sucker suit! Awwwwww. My niece and son are the Godparents. How cool is that?

Here is my son lighting the Baptismal candle. If you click on the photo, you can see the priest glaring at someone. This is about the time, almost finished with the ceremony, when another family enters the church and parades to the front. OMG. Were these people raised on the streets? Do they not have any manners? They had a son who was being baptised at the same time. The priest waited for over 45 minutes for them until finally Bob's sister said Ok, enough! Let's do this thing! Then they barge in like they own the place in the middle of the sacrament? Wow. Doesn't get much better than that!

But a lobster claw makes it all better, guaranteed. We finally finished them last night at home.

We were lucky enough to get out of NY just before storms hit there and the storms here in Nashville had cleared. There was a small delay, but considering there was a bomb scare and weather was wreaking havoc, we did pretty darn well. Dodged another bullet there.

And on Monday? You never would have known there had been any storms here or that downtown Nashville was flooding.

Now, all we have to worry about is the oil gush in the Gulf killing so much wildlife, not to mention hitting our little Riverside. Please keep the Gulf in your thoughts and prayers and let's not let BP off the hook on this one. How horrible.


Snap said...

Everything BP touches turns to _____. They had a big explosion in Texas City several years ago ... too cheap to put in the right equipment etc. I'm not surprised something like this has happened, but don't get me on my high horse!

Loved the photos of the christening .. what a cutie! And the food ... oh my!

Glad you missed the bomb scare and the flooding. I was thinking about you and the flood ... wondering if that was why we hadn't heard from you.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful trip! That food looks yummy! Wow, Tennessee is so green now! es, I had heard on the news about the floodings. Terrible...



Jeanie said...

Oh, Rosemary -- I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get things under control before anything hits Riverside. And so glad your space was dry. That would have been a rude homecoming!

Janet said...

I just gained another 10 lbs reading this post!! All that food! Everything looks so yummy. I'm sure glad you didn't have any flooding but lots of others weren't so lucky. What a mess! And don't even get me started on the oil spill. Maybe now everyone won't be so quick to "drill, baby, drill"....also glad the bomb failed in NYC. So many crazy things happening lately!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I was so happy to hear that you and your family made it through the flooding ok, Rosemary. Thanks for letting me know. I've certainly been keeping your area, and the Gulf area in my thoughts. I'm so sad about it all.

Last night, I heard BP pass the responsibility on to the company that actually owns and operates the equipment that failed. I think, this is going to be another fiasco of huge proportions. Congress is recommending a 10 billion dollar limit on what oil companys will have to pay in these situations. That's a drop in the bucket for those guys, and doesn't even come close to holding them responsible for the damage done. We've already seen too, what happens when there isn't real accountability in the recent mining accidents, and the Wall Street fiasco. We need to truly start regulating all these greedy people, or we'll see more damage, and more lives lost or ruined due to greed. What on earth, has happened to people? How much is enough?

Pearl said...

Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well.
Sending you hugs,

Beth said...

I hope the oil spill doesnt mess up Riverside. Looks like Nashville is messed up and will be for quite a while. Going to take a while for this town to recover thats for sure.
Have a nice week-end.



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