Friday, May 14, 2010

Alive and Well

Just busy. One more week of school and then we're over and out! Planning a trip to Europe, as you can see. My printer spit paper out every which direction which amused Bella, so I left it. K, here's the itinerary: Dublin, Brussels, London, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Edinburgh, Lake District and then back to London. Two weeks. Phew. A lot to see. We bringing my niece Jacq! So, of course, we have to fit EVERYTHING in! Oooooof.

I finally got around to working on the kid's childhood room. The bunk beds, gone. I put them up for sale, along with a whole slew of items included, on Craig's List. My first time using it. They were sold within a couple of hours! I was very pleased with myself. And I was happy that a young family will get another 15 years of usage out of them.

Ew, look how yucky after we lifted the mattress. EW. Bad boy.

And the walls! Oy! Lots of spackling and priming. Yuck.

But it all turned out quite nicely. It turned out to be a putty color. The kid was animate about having a more masculine color. He says the taupe I used in the teenager's old room was too pink. Wha??? Oh well, I didn't redo it for him anyway. Regardless, he was happy to be back in his old room, updated a tad.

And I got "my" room back for the girls (all of my nieces)! I'm going to girly it up. I don't have a girly room in the house, so this is going to be it, by golly! The curtains are going somewhere else and I just pulled the little rug from my room to get an idea of what some color on the floor will look like. My plan is to do the twin beds in white-on-white and then add splashes of color on the walls and floor. Yay!

Look at the last of the cookies from Carlo's. Heart shaped. Aw. I ate it.

Mom's peace lily is blooming happily. Sweet.

The Cumberland River has finally gone down. This is one of the waterways that did so much damage in downtown Nashville. You can barely see our Titan's football field at the top left which was completely flooded. The waters rose two block up the streets. Crazy. It so reminded me of back home in Virginia when the Potomac would flood Old Town Alexandria. We are having storms again today and my alarm keeps going off warning of more flash flooding. Oh no.

A shot at the Hermitage Hotel at brunch last weekend. This was at the front desk. Perty.

Think we're heading down to Riverside next weekend for a week. The oil has not hit Mobile Bay yet. I keep praying that the gush will soon be capped off. C'mon people, we can do this.

I can't even imagine the impact we will see down the road. It makes me utterly sick to my stomach. Literally.

Shame on US.


Snap said...

Have a wonderful trip. We'll be here waiting for all the pictures! Yes, shame on us ... shame on us for letting big corporations run the country ... shame on us for thinking we can't live without our cars (we can) ... don't get me started!

Jeanie said...

You HAVE been busy! The room looks great; hope Riverside is OK -- the damage to NVille is staggering.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, that's going to be a great trip! My grandparents were the wardens in a Youth Hostel near Stratford-Upon-Avon (in Alveston more exatcly/you have to see that quaint little village). I've never been to the Lake District, but I know it is mindblowingly beautiful...

Great shots!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rosemary, Hope you all didn't flood during the Nashville area floods. We were at the beach then--but our home here in Fairfield Glade was fine. We didn't get all of the rain and storms here.

I too worry about the oil spill and what it can do to all of the beaches ---IF they don't get it capped. SO SAD.... Makes me mad also!

Europe huh???? You have gotten to do tons of traveling the past year or two, haven't you??? WOW--I'm impressed.

Have fun at Riverside.

Janet said...

Another trip!! Girl, you're turning in to a regular jet-setter!

All that flooding in Nashville was just terrible. I'm sure it will take a long time to recover from such devastation. And then the oil spill in the Gulf might eventually cause problems in Mobile. What a mess!

Queenly Things said...

That itinerary is making me lust after a vacation of my own. Have a terrific time on the Gulf. Let's hope they've stemmed that flow of gunk.

Pearl said...

Enjoy your trip and be safe.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I love all that white furniture in the "Girls" room! Did you paint it all yourself? (I know you did the dresser)
That kitty exploring the dresser in the picture cracks me up!
Hey! I think I have a lamp just like that one sitting on the dresser!



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