Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Holiday Windows, NYC 2012

We literally had about 36 hours in NYC at Christmas; so our time was very limited. We specifically made the trip to see Bob's mom and our new niece, Grace. We didn't even tell anyone we were going up. Of course, we wanted to see everyone. Just couldn't do it this time.

I accidentally ran into the new space for MacKenzie-Childs on W. 57th while wandering to find my favorite pharmacy. That sounds kinda strange. But you see, this is a old fashioned, European-style pharmacy. They sell all kinds of worldly beauty and fragrance products that are sometimes hard to find in little ol' Nashville. I have to hit it every time I'm in the city. And, of course, I always find some new European beauty product that will take five years off my face. Tehe.

For future reference, Rosa, the pharmacy is at 6th Avenue @58th. Ya see folks, THIS is exactly why I need to continue blogging!!! My memory is about shot; and this damned thing is one of my lifelines! Seriously. And now, with these fancy-schmancy cell phones, I can get the information I need from LAR at any time I'm lost! Which is a lot these days, it seems. 

Oh, and, by the way, aren't the windows fab?
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wonderfully carnivalesque!



Jeanie said...

I just love windows like this and I'm a tad envious you got to see them in person, but also very delighted that you shared them with us. How magical they are!

Happy March!



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