Saturday, February 23, 2013

As If It Were Yesterday

Thanksgiving 2012
 We were a few short this year, but the table was still filled with lotsa love and delicious food!

The teenager took my place as head sous chef. Definitely not complaining! I so enjoyed being the extra, extra help. Jim enjoyed showing the teenager the ropes. It was all good.

Three days' worth of prepping and cooking makes the difference in a meal. Having three sets of hands makes a difference in a kitchen! Since I wasn't head sous chef, I kept the prep area stocked with what was needed and clean as a whistle! It was a well-oiled machine, that kitchen was. We could have pulled off a TV program in there, I swear--that is, if it weren't for the language at times. We got pretty goofy. It sounded as if we were back in the hood. HA!
Our dessert this year was from Garden & Gun. My brother and I both subscribe to the magazine; and when the fall issues arrived, we called each other and said "Check out the dessert recipes -- FOR THANKSGIVING!" We decided on the Pumpkin Bread Pudding. A lot of steps, a lot of time; but it was worth it--IF you have three sets of hands in the kitchen!!! *Note: Could replace the cranberry sauce with a caramel sauce. Just saying.

It was all good. (Except the first batch of whipped cream tasted a tad cheesy. I was afraid to say anything since Jim and the teenager had worked so hard. Then Jim brought it up the next day. We all had a great laugh over that!)

Jim looking oh-so-British. A fork AND a spoon? Must be gud!

 And then --dun dun dun-- we had time to play. Hit TMR on Black Friday. A quick snap out front.

I then took him over to Otis James where they hand make fabulous ties and hats out of scrumptious fabrics. Great shop!
 Brutha tipping his hat to the ladies. So propa! (JK, this was staged.)

 Love him!!

And I miss him.
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Annie said...

Like you, I love being around my brother. I count myself lucky that he lives nearby.

Snazzy hat. My Don has one very like it.

Truly happy times.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely food and company! I wish I had such a united family...



Jeanie said...

First of all, an extraodrinary feast and you can just see the love in that house.

Missing people is so hard.



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