Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ahhhhhh, those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer are almost upon us. In fact, for some, they're already here! Today was the kid's last exam and thus the last day of high school for him. Yay! Can you remember that feeling?  I sure can. How exciting for him. We have his commencement exercises coming up this weekend. Wow.

The teenager has been lying low this past week getting in some well-deserved rest and play. He graduated cum laude (magna cum laude in his major!); and we couldn't be prouder. It's been wonderful having him home for a bit before he leaves us to begin a new life as an adult. Again, wow.

I am so excited for both boys as they enter into great new phases of their lives. I'm just giddy with pride.

Happy Summer!
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Have a great summer! Unfortunately for me, the weather here is horrible and it is quite wintery looking (cold/gloomy/rainy)... :-(



Snap said...

I'll be humming lazy days of summer all day! So exciting to see our young ones end one journey and start another adventure! Hugs--

Jeanie said...

You SHOULD be giddy! Isn't it a wonderful feeling? I didn't realize till you posted this that your grad is probably the same age as mine -- and yes, it was terrific!

Gorgeous flower, beautiful summer due, I hope.

And again -- thank you for your e-note. It made me smile and I haven't been doing much of that lately.

Peggy said...

Have a wonderful summer! Found a really, really, yummy place to eat if you are ever on Cherokee Blvd. in Chattanooga. Try Nikki's Drive In. It is old fashioned food and you may have to wait to get a table but it is out of this world! Get a order of onion rings while you wait. EVERYTHING is made right there. They peel their own potatoes, make their own cole slaw and onion rings. The shrimp is deveined, cleaned and put on ice to be cooked that day. Let me know if you check it out.



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