Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mr. Jack White

(Photo by Dipti Vaidya / The Tennessean)
Jack, at the Ryman. Does it get any better?

Now you know Jack does not allow any photographs or video to be taken at his shows. Back at the Memphis show, they were hard ass and actually kicked people out. In sweet Nashville, the security would just tap you on the shoulder and shake their head, no no no. Bless their hearts.

With Memphis fresh in the mind, I left my camera at home. But after seeing people being only reprimanded for photo taking, I joined in. I don't mind a tap on the shoulder, but just don't kick me out!

 My friends and I just giggled as we shot some off from our cell phones.

 Not the best, I assure you. But it's still Jack.


Great show, great friends, great venue. Only to be repeated tonight! Last night was the boy band. Tonight? Bring the girl band on and rock it again for us, Jack!
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I bet it was highly enjoyable! ;-)



Jeanie said...

I'm looking down at all your posts as I try to catch up. Congratulations to the graduate. Your flower pics were wonderful and I love Jack White.

Thank you for your FB messages about Gypsy. My heart is broken but it helped to write about him and post up photos. Europe took a lot out of us and then re-entry, then this. Slow but sure. Every day. You know the drill.

Beth said...

You know I am so envious!!! Bah,,,one day I will have time and hopefully $ where I can go see Mr. White. I have his new CD. Love it.
And Love You,,,are you down at Riverside now that you got all the boys Graduated?



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