Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Day Like Any Other


It started out wonky to begin with. Had to get up at 4:45 a.m. to take the hub to the airport. Ugh. But it really didn't feel too bad. At least I slept better last night than the night before. Kinda felt a tad ok at 4:45. Go figure. That never happens. After returning to bed (You think I'd stay up? HA!), the kid comes in complaining about his cough that he has had for over a month. So yes, above picture is of my sticker for being a good mom and taking the kid to the docs, finally. Dr. Rose was spot on. Allergies. Thank goodness. Nasal spray and some neti pot suggestions and we were outta there likety split. Ew. Hate pediatrician offices. Ugh. So many germs. Blech. (And yes, the kid is old enough to go to a regular doc, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Obviously.) Well, since it was so gorgeous out, I allowed him to play hooky for the rest of the day. (Another reason why I got a being-a-good-mom sticker. He got a being-a-good-patient sticker, of course.)

We were downtown and I had been meaning to get back to Third Man Records to pick up the live Jerry Lee Lewis record that I had already paid for last April when he played on Record Day. The album took an awfully long time to be released and I had completely forgot about it until recently. Today was the day to go and grab it. But, why stop there? I also picked up two 45s, Tom Jones-- yes, the Tom Jones w/Jack White and Jack's new release, Sixteen Saltines.(I kept saying Sixteen Candles! Pffffft!!!! I'm so getting OLD!) I  admire Jack for introducing many great talents from back in the day such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Jones and Wanda Jackson to a whole new generation of listeners. My hat's off to him.

As the kid and I were walking into the shop, one of the main honchos at Third Man, Ben, was walking out --he welcomed us, held the door for us and even commented on our stickers. What a sweet guy. And, he was with Matt Pinfield, of MTV fame. Wonder if he is doing a piece on Jack? How cool is that! Right? Wish I could have placed the face and name when we passed one another tho. Doy. Always the way.

Anyhoo, fun enough. The kid and I got our records, then boom--outta there quick-like the docta's. We came on home; and when I went to open the JLL album, I notice that the hub, the teenager, his girlfriend and I are on the back cover!!! How hilarious is that? Pretty darn hilarious, I say. Too bad those two big 'hades are blocking us. Wait, that's probably a good thing.

What a cool day.

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Janet said...

Now that's pretty darn cool being on the back cover of a JLL album!!

Hope the kid is feeling better. You're such a good mom letting him play hooky.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm sorry to hear about your allergy. Good to see that there are still people who listen to vinyl records.



Snap said...

I'd say a cool day ... even with a trip to the docs!

Linda said...

You are famous!

paris parfait said...

Wow, WHAT a day! And to find your pics on the back of the album: icing on the cake! Hope all is well w/ you and yours. Am sorry I've been such a neglectful friend lately; all caught up in house-buying/moving/renovating. xx

Kat said...

How cool that is- to be on the back cover of the album! Enjoy this gorgeous TN weather.



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