Monday, January 09, 2012

Cocktails? Yes, please.

I've noticed that there seems to be a resurgence in the art of making cocktails.  Perhaps it's just that I'm at "that" age where I appreciate the perfect drink prepared just for me. Rather, let's say I'm at the next level of being a foodie, age has nothing to do with it. Yea. "Small batch" and "home made" seem to be the latest buzz words in the making of spirits these days. 

I believe I was enlightened by such concoctions at The Patterson House here in Nashville--a lovely, dark, speakeasy type bar. Their bartenders are kings of mixology. (And I am the queen of All Due Respects.) The hub and I enjoy sitting belly up to the bar so we, or at least I, can be awed by their "iron" mixologistness. They truly are liquid chefs. 

Love the name, Cathead so I had to find this vodka. (The site is great, too!) New Year's Eve found me out and about searching for some champagne for the evening's soirée at Riverside. Somehow, I also remembered to ask about the Cathead. (PS It was started by two University of Alabama alum, so of course, I didn't have to go far to score) Hmmm, now I'm thinking a Cathead Tonic would be perfect. (Only I forgot the bottle at Riverside!)

Of course, you'll remember this summer, I was all over Tito's vodka--"handmade" in Austin, TX. With Texas blood running through the veins, I contributed my fair share to this little hands'- on distillery.
Now I'm finding out that not only has Absinthe gone all legal on us but Moonshine has as well! What??? You heard me, you can purchase it now legit. Doesn't that kind of take away the only reason why someone would drink the stuff--being a rebel? If you're interested in the vile (moonshine, not absinthe) stuff, here's an entire article on the firewater in Bearings. Ok, ok, my question is why would anyone  drink moonshine when you can drink, um Tito's or Cathead or just about anything else? Why? Have you tasted the stuff? I admit to having a no label, "hand made," "small batch" jar in my freezer for several years now. Blech. Patooey. C'mon people, do you really want to go blind??????!!! WTH.

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Beth said...

Great post my dawhlink friend. Remind me to tell you about Dan's company Christmas party and the gift he brought for Dirty Santa. Cherries soaking in moonshine in a Mason jar. Funny story there. Looking forward to Thursday night.



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