Thursday, April 08, 2010


I believe this is the first time I have actually enjoyed and appreciated this little river house called Riverside. It's probably one of my longest stays here. Bonus that the boys are here with me this week and we celebrated the hub's 52nd birthday on the first of April. April Fool's baby.

The hub and I wandered over to Julwin's for breakfast one morning. Thought of you the entire time, Vallen.

Yes, we were gluttons. The only way to be in the south. Look at all the butter! lol

We have been chilling on the dock, watching the world go round.

The hub and I into some really fascinating conversation on the demise of the Great Lakes in the next thousands of years. No, he's not singing YMCA.

On Tuesday, I finally got around to painting the main bathroom! So happy to go from this . . .

to this. Twinkle.

As in Twinkle twinkle little star. Or, if you've had a couple of margarita's--tinkle tinkle.

The exterior painting is coming along. It is looking so pretty. Even Frankie approves. Bella? She hasn't been able to get out of the bedroom due to the cat-eating dog. Oy.

Today, we have a wonderful lazy day to look forward to.

Life is gud to all, except Bella.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice bathroom! It looks like you had a great time at riverside!



Snap said...

Bella is such a queen! Poor dear!

Lovely bath ... well done.

Enjoy the quiet and calm of your river.


Janet said...

The bathroom looks much better. Colorful and fresh!

Your hubby and my hubby have birthdays one day and 10 years apart!

Enjoy all the peace and quiet.

Jeanie said...

Wow -- that bathroom rocks! I'm so glad you are having a long, wonderful, calming and relaxing time. You've had a boatload this year. Glad you can just let go and "be."

Sorry life's not 'gud' for Bella!

Pretty Things said...

Chilling on the dock looks SO awesome!

Queenly Things said...

I still have written down every little thing I ate at Julwin's. One of the best Sunday dinners ever!!! Floated away on the sweet tea.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh it looks so wonderful! It all does! Why can't the kitty go out on the screened in porch to sniff the fresh air? Poor Bella!

Mrs. Staggs said...

All of those colors are so pretty Rosemary. I know I've said it before, but you have such a gift for decorating.

Happy belated birthday to your husband. I hope this year will be a wonderful one for him.




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