Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rosemary, For Remembrance

Wow. It has been a LONG time. No, I have not forgotten you. Any of you. 

The thing is, I kind of want to rearrange things here but I can't seem to remember how to work on my blog in HTML. Yea, I know I haven't tootled around Blogger since, hmmmm, December? Now I can't seem to update any of my "widgets" even through HTML. Half of this blog, I've changed through HTML, the other through Blogger widgets. Guess they are a thing of the past? There are ALL kinds of different changes here. UGH. Even the spacing is wonky. As much as I'm terrified to go in to operate, I truly need to. If for only my own sanity. (OCD much?) If Living as Rosa disappears, all I can say is, "ooooopsy." Momma tried. But yea, that would suck.

The big news of the year is that the kid graduates from university this December! Where has the time gone? It just flies. So happy and proud of him.

Things are good in the household. Bella and Baby Dave are still delivering "babies" to us every night. Frankie is turning more grey; but hey, aren't most of us! All of us are healthy and happy. Can't ask for anything more.

Ok, after this post, I'm going in. Fingers' crossed. Let's hope I see you on the other side.
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy to know that you are doing well. Congratulations to the Kid!!! Yes, time does pass fast...





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