Friday, September 25, 2015

My New Fave

Today, The Dead Weather released their new album. So, you know where I was -- at Third Man Records, of course. Along with other new goodies, they were selling this gorgeous 6-fingered hand necklace (from the album cover in which Little Jack has six fingers). The artist is Vera Meat; and I'm "needing" a lot of her stuff! ha

The details are amazing.

Of course, there were mini cupcakes.

And champagne. But, I swear they pump oxygen into this tiny store. Every time I visit, I get absolutely giddy. I suppose it could just be over stimulation. Right? No people, it wasn't the champs. Whatever it is, love love love.

One of Jack's Grammys on display. 

Another fun day, dragging the hub to places he'd never visit if it weren't for me. This is what empty nesters do. Am I right?

PS Hey Kell!
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