Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer on the Gulf

The lazy days of summer are soon behind us. I can already feel the difference in the air here. The humidity is subsiding, thank goodness; and there's that shift in the sun that seems to always be directly in your eyes when you're driving. Oh, and the school buses are out with a vengeance. Ahhhhh, fall is here, kinda. This will be our first, and perhaps last, autumn at Riverside. I'm good with it. I'm actually getting excited about moving back to the NE, kinda. lol

What have you all been up to? I've been happily river sorry with a little bit of this and that on the side. The hub, Dar and I went to a first Friday art crawl in Fairhope in August. We started the night at the Eastern Shore Art Center  where I fell in love with this artist, Angie Bolling. This exquisite piece was made for her Grandmother's 100th birthday. Are you dying? I am. What a priceless creation.

There have been double rainbows over the river.

I fell in love with gingers after taking a class at the Mobile Botanical Gardens where they happen to have had a pop-up shop selling all types of beauties. Linda invited me to sit in with her on the "Plant Sex" session which turned out to be absolutely fascinating. Of course, the bonus was the gingers!

The hub and I have made a couple of trips to Pensacola. Here on Pensacola Bay, the brown pelicans seem to be in the midst of quite a school of fish. They were dive bombing!

Of course, after one of those trips to Pensacola (or should I just say Joe Patti's), we had BBQ skrimp. Yum.

Lovebugs are in season here. Ugh. At least they're little and they don't bite or anything like that. Just a pain because there are just so many of them. Now I know what those little dead black bugs are when we normally get back down to Riverside after Christmas. Finally, I know. Yes, that's another ginger.

The teenager and his girlfriend came down from DC and brought me this lovely Adirondack basket. I have never seen one before. Now I want MORE! lol They are gorgeous. 

And, this is for you Kell--Frankie on his way back to the river with poppa driving. He sits up so proud in the front seat. Funny little dog. 

Well, that's about it for now. Happy Fall, y'all. SO ready!
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Snap said...

Glad you are enjoying Riverside. I'll be sad when you move north -- i'll miss all the Riverside shots! Happy Fall -- please!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is such a wonderful place! I hope you had a lovely summer.

Happy fall!


Rosa xo

Anonymous said...

AWWW - Frankie!!!! He looks like he is so happy! Thanks especially for that one - great shot! And gingers? Never heard of them before - are they related to orchids? I've been missing your posts - glad to see you've have had a good summertime!

Jeanie said...

OK -- yes, I've missed a lot of posts. SO first -- fabulous pictures in all of them. Love that you fell into your genealogy and have found it so fascinating. Love every single photo and was happy to see Bella. Your time at Riverside sounds idyllic. The return home, bittersweet.

Now, tell, tell -- what's about this about moving NE? Where? When? Why? Mail me!

Will you still be in TN in early December? We'll have a tight time frame, but I'm hoping we can lunch while I'm there for Rick's trade show!



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