Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Food, Good Drink, Good Friends, Good Love

 Cheers to dirty dishes in the sink!

And fries fried in duck fat at Hopjack's in Pensacola. Uh huh, ya wonder why I've gained over 5 pounds since arriving at Riverside in May? Read on, my friends.

What's better than cooking up some syrupy sweetness with local blueberries, a little butta and Gran Gala? Only the waffles you pour it over!

Opened the deep freeze and found a skull staring back at me. And . . . on top of some Gulf shrimp and beside Petron. Goodness!
 Friends over for a delish LA Boil. Mmmmmm.

Another trip to Pensacola for lunch at McGuire's, a must if you're in the area.

Not that I quite know what a New Orleans Sno-Ball is, but they are the shaved-ice variety (rather than the crunchy crushed ice) --and good.

Oooopsy, the last of the Gosling's. Hard to find in these parts. Guess a trip back to Bermuda is in order?

Of course, a trip to the Fish River grill is always in order.

Oooopsy, the last of the BB Stoli. Great with lemonade. 

Mom's green beans, cooked for hours. Even made her creamed corn. Stick a fork in me and call me done!

But, then there's the jaunt to Mississippi that found us at Mary Mahoney's with Mississippi Mud Pie and MM's goodness in a bowl. No, it's not grits and gravy. That be bread pudding with whiskey sauce! Bring it on baby! "More?" you say.

Oh yes, of course there is. One must never miss a chocolate merengue pie from Sweetie Pies in Gulf Shores. Well, someone couldn't wait, obviously! Reminds me of my dad with a spoon. There was always a piece of something missing whatever was being served. When it was, whatever it was, put out for everyone else to enjoy, there'd be a big ol' hunk taken out! Poor mom. ha!

The sweetest local watermelon you'll ever sink your teeth into, right here.

And the last frozen glass of the best margarita made North of the Rio Grande (and thus no more Petron). Thank YOU N&P! I think some shopping at the local ABC store is in order before the next batch of friends arrive!)

Local wild brown Gulf shrimp with my "Key West" recipe.  

Marinate in orange and lime juice--grill with orange marmelade, butter and some spices.) Voila! More great-googly moogly deliciousness!
 Clams? Why yes--several varieties, in fact.

 A special white wine broth for those babies? Sure, don't mind if I do, says Dean.

 Salad by Dar. LuLu has nothing, I mean nothing, over Dar!

A drive into Mobile for ribs and Q at the Brick Pit. I can see why Man vs. Food tried it out! PS Banana Pudding--TO DIE FOR! (Sorry momma.)

And a new fave from TX. Mr. Parker brought this bottle down from Nashvegas to try, knowing I'm a vodka-drinking-fool at times. He--the afore-mentioned friend--turned into Riverside's resident bartender for the weekend of the 4th. Holy moly, great memories. Those I can remember anyhows.

What's next??? More poundage, I'm sure.
More fun, oh yea.
More love??? You BETCHYA!
You only live once, maybe.
Why not make it a good one.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A good combination of good things!



Pretty Things said...

Oh my gosh, that skull got me!

PEA said...

Nope, I'm not gonna ask about that skull in your freezer! lol Yummmmm, look at all that delicious food and drink...why is it everything that is so good has so many calories?? Pppffftttt, we won't even think of the calories, just EAT! hehe xoxo

Lloyd said...

Looks like y'all are enjoying life, and being good to one another- which is the point now, isn't it? Cheers & keep on keepin' on- Lloyd

Shelley said...

Hi Rosy!

Today I was going through my album of ATCs and as I admired each one, I realized that you were the first person that told me what they were and traded with me. Yours are all so lovely. But what I really wanted to tell you how much that little diversion helped me to get through the last stages of my (then) husbands life. They were a much needed diversion. Thank you for that..its something you just don't forget when times are challenging. I still have the cute collaged box you gave me too. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the very pleasant memories. I hope you are enjoying your summer.


Snap said...

How did I miss this one? Ah, well ... better late than never. Here's to a fellow Tito lover!!!!!


Jeanie said...

Oh, Rosemary, I want to be there! I want to party and play and laugh and make new friends who I know will be friends, because they are yours, after all, so how could they be anything less than wonderful! Looks like a grand time!



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