Tuesday, November 02, 2010


November two!  Already!  Birthday month!  I'm just a little excited, can ya tell? Today, most states are holding their gubernatorial elections.  I got out pretty early and voted for the next Governor of Tennessee as well as our representatives in the House and Senate.  I try and time it right after rush hour and before lunch hour.  It seems to work pretty well for this locale.  The hub ran over before he headed out to Memphis for the day.  Ugh.  What a dreary drive that is.

I've been playing with glitter for a couple of days now.  I'm going to make some banners.  I am so loving all these glittery golds!  Of course, it's everywhere now.  But, a little glitter here and there never hurts anything.  I have to smile when I see a little sparkly on the floor.

We have perfect fall weather, a little cooler than it's been.  My one oak tree is gorgeous! LOVE it!
Happy November!


Janet said...

Happy November to you, too! I love your oak tree.

A little glitter never hurts. Your banners look great!

Sammie Sue Schwartz said...

We're down to the 90 degree point. Sounds funny to consider that cooler. I'm sure the old neighborhood looks pretty right now. Love the lip picture!

Jeanie said...

Good for you! Liking the glitter banners -- getting itchy to make one of those!

My verification word is "reptill." I hate reptills.



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