Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Beauty

Another shell has been added to our collection. Yesterday, the shores of Alabama were full of shells, seemed more like Sanibel Island in Florida than the usual soft white sand here. Sanibel is one of the best places in the world to go shelling. But, because of this, it's a must to wear watershoes. So yesterday, I had to use the kid's sandals when we went for a dip. There were so many shells washed ashore and where the waves were breaking, it was very tough on the "winter" feet. It had warmed up quite a bit, so a dip was in order. Yes, it was very cold, and the head did not get dunked; but it was refreshing just the same. Coming from Virginia and frequenting the Maryland shore my entire childhood (almost every weekend), I have become accustomed to the cold waters. To me, there is nothing worse than jumping into an ocean that is warm like bath water. I want something to take my breath away for the first second and then feel refreshing after swimming for a bit. That's my kind of water.

The seagulls put on quite a show today. There seemed to be more where we were and they weren't shy about coming up to us to squawk a hello. Two were fighting, I think over a female, of course; and it was comical to watch the squabble play out. The original male won out in the end and then showed his affection to his woman by squawking at her and cutting her off when she tried to walk off. (Hey, maybe I have this all wrong, sounds more like female antics to me! ha.)

There were even two schools of dolphins swimming by. I did catch them on film, but you really have to squint to see them. If you click on the picture and look right above where the kid is stooping, you can barely make out the fins. And yes, these were dolphins and not the sharks of last summer. Thank goodness. (We were here last year when one girl died from a shark attack and another boy lost his leg--so sad.)

And, of course, there is always a crazy paraglider passing by a couple times a day. You wouldn't catch me up there. Not only am I afraid of heights; but several years ago, I saw a rope snap and the paraglider went sailing off away from the beach. I never did find out where they finally landed. Can you even imagine? Scream!

The teenagers found a like-age group today--thanks to mom. I actually saw three girls about their age and told them about it. By the time they made it down to where the sighting was, they were gone, of course. But, a group of other teenagers soon took the place of the three girls. They all met up on the beach tonight. Let's hope we don't get a phone call at midnite (their curfew). Oh to be 16 again. (No thank you.)


Raphael said...

Very nice pictures!!! I like the colors!!
I managed to see the Dolphin ;-)

See ya!

trish tunney said...

I love the Dolphins too!



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